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Named for its unique geography along the trail corridor, the "fall line" denotes the area where the Piedmont plateau and Atlantic Coastal Plain meet, resulting in a number of rapids and waterfalls. The Fall Line trail courses through seven localities: Ashland, Hanover, Henrico, Richmond, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, and Petersburg. 

The Fall Line came together as an opportunity to "connect the dots" of active transportation networks taking shape in the greater Richmond region. Several sections of the trail already existed or were planned in localities’ comprehensive and special area plans, including the existing Ashland Trolley Line Trail and Chester Linear Park, and planned Trolley Line Connector in Henrico, Brook Road protected bike lanes in Richmond, and the Northern Jefferson Davis Special Area Plan in Chesterfield. A natural corridor for a long-distance trail began to emerge that would provide opportunities for active transportation, recreation, and economic development.

Between 2019-2020, the Virginia Department of Transportation launched a study to determine a preferred route to connect all seven localities. Since then, jurisdictions along the Fall Line route have been hard at work planning for and building out the trail. 


When complete, the Fall Line will connect rural, suburban, and urban landscapes and connect a multitude of places of interest and use. 

Key connections along the trail:

  • 95 public schools

  • 6 colleges/universities, including 2 Historically Black Colleges and Universities

  • 2 major regional trails (Virginia Capital Trail, Appomattox River Trail)

  • 3 river crossings (Chickahominy, James, Appomattox)

  • Transit connections in Richmond and Chesterfield, including the new GRTC Bus Route 111 along the Route 1 corridor that launched earlier this year

  • Numerous parks, including Bryan Park, Battery Park, Abner Clay Park, James River Park System, Charlie Syndor Playground, Falling Creek Trail, Bensley Park, Goyne Park, Ettrick Park

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