Commerce Road

Commerce Road


South of the James River, the Fall Line begins a 2.5-mile arc along Commerce Road and Bellemeade Road. The corridor is dominated by industrial and manufacturing sites but redevelopment seems inevitable as Manchester expands southwards. Here, the Fall Line etches in an alternative to the area’s auto-dominated past and brings renewed connectivity to neighborhoods cut off by I-95, rail lines, and the river. A place designed for cars becomes an extension of the trails along the James River. Spaces for shade and rest peel back the concrete landscape to reveal a human-scaled transportation corridor with the best view of Richmond’s downtown.

Vision Elements

In this context area the Fall Line Trail primarily serves as a Point to Point Connector. Key elements include:

  • Access to Bellemeade Community Center
  • Safe trail crossings at high-stress intersections
  • Connections to Goode’s Creek, the future Broad Rock Creek Park, and the James River Branch Line
  • Prioritized shade and seating at transit stops
  • Long-desired river connection for Oak Grove Community
  • Alternate route through neighborhood streets for lower stress, more nuanced experience