Reservoir Ramble – Chesterfield County

Reservoir Ramble – Chesterfield County


The trail between Chester and Colonial Heights is one of the most pristine and naturally rich sections of the entire Fall Line. The trail parallels Branders Bridge Road, with buffered wetlands and mature forests on both sides. The most notable feature in this section is the stunning lake overlook just west of the Stony Glenn Neighborhood. Here, regardless of their ultimate destination, trail users will want to pause and take in the view. Opportunities for ecological wonder and discovery continue as the trail moves south culminating with the iconic land bridge over Swift Creek at Lakeview Park.

Vision Elements

The Fall Line serves as a Scenic Route through this entire character area. Key elements of this typology here include:

  • Natural area exploration in forested wetlands north of Swift Creek
  • Overlook and scenic view opportunities at Lakeview Park and other water areas