Richmond City

Richmond City


Downtown Richmond is the heart of the Fall Line and where the geologic fall line itself appears in the waters of the James River. Layers of history, from prehistoric times to the civil war, create a tapestry of told and untold stories. Activity along the corridor bursts open with access to universities, dining, and corporate headquarters just minutes away from world-class mountain biking trails, whitewater kayaking and peaceful river overlooks. Here, the Fall Line trail becomes a promenade for those commuting in and out of the city center, while seamlessly fading into Richmond’s braided network of trails across the river.

Vision Elements

While the trail through this area has an abundance of scenic moments, it functions as a Main Street Trail throughout. Key elements of this typology include:

  • Numerous connections to nearby trail networks through downtown and along the James River
  • Trail spurs and routes to historical sites
  • Multimodal hub along the trail adjacent to the Richmond Convention Center